Privacy and cookies policy

The Saintbury Trust (‘the ST’) is committed to protecting our visitors’ privacy and does not sell, rent, loan or otherwise share any information about them.

The ST has decided to remove all cookies from its website but will keep this policy under review.  Should it be considered necessary or desirable to reintroduce cookies this will only be done after notice has been given on the website.

The ST only makes grant to registered and exempt charities (and any other charity that proves its charitable status to the satisfaction of the ST’s trustees). The ST keeps records of all such charities that apply to it (whether or not the application is successful) but it does not keep records (or the personal data) of any individual (including individuals who are trustees or otherwise connected with the applying charities).  Most of the information recorded is already in the public domain (including information on the charity on the Charity Commission website).  The ST also maintains records of the applications made to it by charities and the outcome.  Whilst the ST does receive applications from unregistered charities and CICs the ST does not award grants to them; the ST does, however, record details of the name and address of such organisations and the date of application.  Occasionally, the ST receives an application from an individual; such individual will, if an email address is supplied, receive an email explaining that the ST cannot help but no record is kept of the application

The ST does share details of the applications it has received with its accountants and auditors for the purpose of the preparation and audit of its annual accounts.  There will be annexed to each set of accounts (which are publicly available) a list of all grants awarded in the year or period to which the accounts relate (including the amount of the award) and a list (in the same or similar form) will also be posted on the ST’s website.  Save as mentioned in this paragraph, the ST does not share any data it receives with any other party but expressly reserves the right to do so (in respect of any information that comes into its possession):

  1. Where the ST is legally required to disclose such information
  2. To further fraud protection and reduce the risk of fraud

Please note that the ST does not seek funding from the public.

The ST does not currently intend to provide links to external websites (save to the Charity Commission website). But, should we do so, and unless we expressly state otherwise, we would make no representation whatsoever concerning the content or privacy policies of those sites. And no such representation is made in relation to the Charity Commission website.